spotify hifi cd quality lossless audio
Spotify HiFi to soon provide CD Quality Lossless Audio

In a recent virtual event, Spotify has announced a list of updates and new features it is rolling out in coming days. Spotify HiFi is one such feature, that is said to provide CD Quality Lossless Audio. Spotify HiFi will deliver tracks in more depth and clarity.

Spotify HiFi Audio Bitrate

Currently, the maximum bitrate at which Spotify is providing the audio is 320 kbps but with the lossless audio format, it will compete with Amazon Music HD and Tidal. The exact audio bitrate of Spotify HiFi has not been revealed yet, but the bitrate of CD Quality is around 1411 kbps.

Spotify HiFi Cost

For lossless audio streaming, Spotify rival, Amazon Music is charging $12.99 per month. Tidal HiFi, on the other hand, costs $19.99 per month in the US. Now, the company hasn’t officially announced the cost to access this feature, Spotify HiFi may rolls out for $19.99 per month. Also, the feature is said to be rolling out later this year.

Other Features Announced at the Event

In the virtual event, beside Spotify HiFi, the company has announced a range of other features that are listed below.

  1. Polls and Q&A
  2. Video Support in Podcast
  3. Spotify has partnered with WordPress to convert text into Podcasts.

Spotify has expanded its services to 80 new countries

In the same virtual event, The company has said that it is going to expand its services to 80 new countries with 36 more languages on the platform. Out of these 36 new languages, 12 languages are local Indian Languages. Spotify has recently been the most popular paid audio service as the app recently has achieved 155 million paid subscribers. Spotify currently has 340 million active users and its subscribers from 93 countries are using its ad-free premium product.

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