Skype for iOS and Android rolls out Screen Sharing during Video Call
Skype for iOS and Android rolls out Screen Sharing during Video Call

Skype for iOS and Android rolls out Screen Sharing during Video Call. Well, the feature is not available for Commercial users as it is now available for Skype Insider’s only. Microsoft say with this feature it is easy now to share Presentation with your colleague, shop online with friends or even swipe left and write on Tinder with friends. Some of the coolest feature Skype already have include Background Blur, Video call upto 50 persons and more.

As I mention above Skype Insiders can use this feature. Therefore, If you want to test this feature out, first you have to download Skype latest beta for iOS and Android. And Before that you have to first register yourself in Skype Insider’s program. You can register for Skype Insiders Program via this link. Once you register yourself in Skype Insiders Program, you can then download and install Skype Beta app for iOS and Android as per your need.

I assume you have downloaded the Skype Beta app. After login to the app, place a video call to one of your contact. Now, At the bottom of the screen you will see three dots icon. Tapping on this three dot icon reveals a feature called Screen Share.

Now, Tapping on Screen Share helps you to Share your Phone’s screen to the person on the other side of the video call.

Moreover, If you don’t want to Join Skype Inside Program then you have to wait for a while. This is because the commercial roll out of this feature will take some time. We don’t know the exact date of when the commercial roll out of this feature happens in Skype normal version.

However, we do know Skype already give proper competition to its other competitor in the market. These competitor are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other Business oriented app. Skype 50 person video calling at one time already bold Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Now, with this new feature it will bring some headache to business oriented video calling app that sports screen sharing feature.

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