Disney+ now compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime
Disney+ now compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime

Disney+ now compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime as this new streaming service is going to launch on November this year. Why I tell you it gives competition to Netflix and Amazon prime because it own popular franchises like Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars. Therefore, you expect the content from these franchises.

More exactly, This new online streaming service by Disney is coming on November 12th this. Well, talking about its subscription cost the monthly will be available at $6.99 whereas the yearly one at $69.99.

Devices where this service is accessible includes Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV, Web Browser, Gaming consoles, Google Chromecast.

According to a report by Variety, Disney working on some MCU series where you will see some characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch and others.

These series likely to include 6 to 8 episodes and is under the authority of same guy who make MCU so popular. Yes, you guess it right Kevin Feige himself take care of all these shows.

These are some Individual MCU series Disney rolls out with Disney+.

  1. An Individual Show starring Loki as the main character.
  2. An Individual Show in which you’ll see Scarlet Witch as the main character.
  3. A separate show featuring Hawkeye.
  4. Other Popular Individual MCU series include Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

Following are the other shows and movies you’ll find in Disney+.

  1. Star Wars Clone Wars New Season
  2. Star Wars Movies from year 2019 i.e. Episode 9.
  3. Marvel Movies from year 2019 i.e. Captain Marvel.
  4. Pixar Films from year 2019 i.e. Toy Story 4.
  5. A new seperate Star Wars series called The Mandalorian.

There will be a Disney+ App for all the devices I mention above to better connect with this streaming service.

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