share gifs directly google images
share gifs directly google images

In today’s era, GIFs is a stylish way to express your feeling to someone. A hybrid of images and videos, this file type became popular in the late years.

Well, there is a flora of apps and website available out there from where you could send someone a bunch of GIFs. Some popular among them are Giphy, Tenor, 9gag, reddit and many others. However, What if I told you, you can now share a GIF directly from the Giant Google Image search engine called Google Images.

Yes, From Today on Google rolls out a share option just below the GIFs available on Google Images. All you have to do is click or tap on that option, and it fetches your phone’s sharing menu. That’s it; you can then share the GIF to any of the listed apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, and many others.

Share GIFs directly from Google Images
Share GIFs directly from Google Images | Image Credits: Google

Now, Looking at the other side, if you are a creator who wants to contribute by submitting your GIFs to Google Images, you can do so by submitting your GIF to either or by filling this form.

Those of you who don’t know, Google bought Tenor (a popular GIF sharing platform) back in March last year.

You can access this new direct share option for GIFs in Google Images via Google Search app or Chrome. Google rolls out this feature today, so you may not avail it instantly. However, sit tight its going to available in the coming days.

Let us know in the comments down there. How do you use GIFs? More specifically, at which places or occasions.

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