indian government create custom apps like whatsapp gmail
indian government create custom apps like whatsapp gmail

Indian Government Plan to Create Custom Apps like WhatsApp, Gmail. This new idea came into the mind of India Government officials by looking at the current US-Huawei controversy.

The US government recently orders all US-based tech companies to cut off their partnership with Huawei.

Now, Coming to India, Government pressurizes companies to store data locally in India. These companies, on the other hand, are major US-based companies.

So, you can if the US government rolls out any policy against India similar to Huawei, then India should better be already prepared.

At least the Indian Government should build a custom medium which they can utilize in case of Blackout.

Therefore, An Internal source from Indian Government reveals this information to the Economic Times.

Not just WhatsApp, Government also looks forward to build apps similar to Gmail and other popular Internet application.

Well, there isn’t any official confirmation about this information from any Indian Government official, however, if Government makes it possible, then India stepping toward to build its digital empire.

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