Samsung Introduces Two New 0.8μm Pixel Image Sensors
Samsung Introduces Two New 0.8μm Pixel Image Sensors | Image Credits: Samsung

Samsung Introduces Two New 0.8μm Pixel Image Sensors in the world semiconductor market today. Samsung gives the first sensor the name Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 that is of 48 MegaPixel, however, the second one ISOCELL Bright GD1 is of 32 megapixels.

Both of these sensors helps to improve the Sharpness of a Smartphone Photo. As we all know, the demand for ultra-small image sensors in the Smartphone market is growing. Now, Samsung helps to overcome this demand somewhat by introducing the two new 0.8μm Image sensors.

As we all know today most of the Smartphone manufacturers built Camera centric Smartphones. They try to fit more and more sensors in slim bezel-less handsets. Therefore in situations where space is an important factor in building future-centric phones this new technology will help.

Both of these sensors have the support of three latest Image technology of the Industry i.e. Isocell Plus, Tetra cell Technology, and Gyro Based Electronic Image Stabilization. The ISOCELL Plus technology improves the sensors Performance. On the other hand, Tetra Cell technology increases light sensitivity. This technology combines 4 pixels into a one. Finally, the Gyro Based electronic image stabilization technology is used to stabilize i.e. accurately capture the image.

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