Receive Messenger Messages on Instagram DM Direct Messages
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Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision to make different chat platforms owned by Facebook interoperable. It seems like the company is now following his dream. Today in a blog post, Facebook revealed they are rolling out a new update to Instagram to make Messenger more interoperable. From interoperable, I mean one can access Messenger’s messages on Instagram. Of course, there is an option to do the same.

In addition to letting the user access Messenger’s messages on Instagram, Facebook also has added a list of Messenger’s features to Instagram Direct Messages. Below is the list of exclusive Messenger’s features that you will soon spot on Instagram Direct Messages.

  1. Change your Chat Color
  2. React with any emoji
  3. Watch videos together (from Facebook Watch and Reels)
  4. Swipe to reply to messages
  5. Chat with friends who use Facebook

Now, although Facebook rolls out the Messenger experience on Instagram DM, it also gives users the option to choose whether to receive Messenger’s messages on Instagram DM or not.

Once you receive the update available for your Instagram app, then update and open Instagram Settings > Privacy to see a new option called Messages. Tapping on Messages opens a new window called Message Controls to see new options regarding Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram interoperability. The same window also gives you the option to decide whether message requests from these platforms go to your Regular Chat List or in the Message Request Folder. You can also choose not to receive messages from any of these platforms.

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out a new tool called Account Center that one can find in the settings section of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Account Center can also control all the controls I mentioned above.

Now Block Full Conversations on Instagram

Earlier, Facebook let the user block and report suspicious messages and calls on both Instagram and Messenger, but now has rolled out an update to block and report a conversation in full. Facebook Messenger has a feature called Safety Notices that helps the user report any suspicious activity. Now, Facebook is rolling out Safety Notices to Instagram too. Facebook will first roll out Safety Notices for Minor accounts.

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