Instagram Direct Messages is now available on Desktop
Instagram Direct Messages is now available on Desktop

Back in February last year, Instagram starts testing Direct Messages on web and now after around an year, the feature is available in Instagram for web. So, those of you who are eagerly waiting to read your Instagram messages on desktop, well, the feature is now live. And, to access your Instagram Direct messages on Desktop all you need to do is open in any of your desktop browser, then, feed on the credentials and you able to spot a new direct icon right on top of the Instagram navigation bar. Below in the screenshot you can see how Instagram Direct looks in Desktop with a sidebar and a chat window of the selected chat.

How Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop is useful?

Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop is helpful to those who have the fast typing speed on a physcial keyboard and who multi task on Desktop. I mean such account in which hundreds and thousands of messages are coming each day, sorting those messages are comparatively easy of Desktop. As you can see in the above screenshot, Instagram Direct Messages also have a sidebar on the left though which one can monitor other users sending a message without shifting one window to another. That is not same in case of Instagram Direct on Mobile. There if you want to check messages of other user you have to come out from the window of the user you are talking and then you able to check messages of other user. So, these are some of the features that make Instagram Direct on Desktop comparatively more productive.

Well, that is one more Instagram feature now accessible on Instagram Desktop but still Instagram Desktop missing some features available on Instagram Mobile. For example, still not supporting uploading a content via Desktop. However, you can upload a content (I mean a photo or a video that also include a live video) on Instagram via Desktop via Facebook Creator Studio but there are some conditions to follow. For example, your Facebook page and the Instagram account must be linked together and the Facebook page must be a business one.

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