Instagram Testing Direct Messaging for Desktop and Web
Instagram Testing Direct Messaging for Desktop and Web | Image Credits: Twitter @wongmjane

Instagram Testing Direct Messaging for Desktop and Web. Note that Instagram Direct is a feature via which we can send direct messages in Instagram. However, the feature is limited to mobile users. But, it seems like Instagram is testing this feature for the web version of the same app too.

Jane Machun Wong reveals some screenshots which clearly show Instagram testing Direct messages for web. In the below screenshots you can see that the feature is available in both Desktop as well as web version.

If you ask my opinion, Instagram web and desktop should roll out other Important features first. These Important features are like uploading photos, uploading stories etc. Right now, uploading stories is limited to the Instagram App as well as the Mobile Web. Additionally, Instagram Browser notification rolls out September last year.

Jane Wong now confirms that Instagram has now disabled the access of Instagram Direct on web prototype.

Recently we heard news that Facebook may combine Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct together. May be that’s why Instagram testing direct on the web.

Anyways this is all about the news. What do think, Instagram should roll out this feature on web? Comment below.

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