PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

Important: PUBG Mobile Payload Mode is part of PUBG Mobile App version 0.15.0 but it is not live yet.

Last Week PUBG Mobile rolled out a plethora of updates by upgrading the game version to 0.15.0. The update includes some new weapons as well as some gesture abilities. However, the thing that makes this new update worth for the user is the Payload Mode. What is it? Let’s talk about it?

What is the PUBG Mobile Payload Mode?

First and foremost, Payload Mode is a part of Arcade Mode. It is some smaller area in the Erangel Map, where players able to use only the heavy weapons. Some of the heavy weapons one can use in this mode includes M3E1 Rocket Launcher, The MGL, and M79 grenade launchers and RPG 7. What makes this mode more exciting is, it includes helicopters that could be flown by a player. Also, I think those helicopters could be destroyed using heavy weapons. Let’s see.

There is one more unique feature one able to spot in Payload mode is the ability to revive a dead teammate. One can do so by taking the ID Card of the teammate who died in the map that is currently going on and submitting it to the nearest radio tower.

As I mentioned above, the PUBG team includes the Payload mode with the release of game version 0.15.0, but they didn’t make it live as of now. Now in a tweet shared by PUBG Mobile official Twitter handle exposes this new mode going to live on October 23.

So, How many of you are excited about this new mode. Let us know in the comment down below.

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