PhonePe App now has a Chat Feature

PhonePe App introduces a new Chat Feature last week, which is now rolling out to the user’s devices. The new chat feature is going to help the user to do two things at the same time. The first one is tracking the conversation, and the second one is accepting or requesting the payment.

Yes, you heard it right, the App lets you request or accept payment within the new chatbox present in App. By accepting or requesting payment in the chatbox, a user can easily track in which context the payment was made.

PhonePe’s cofounder and CTO Rahul Chari say that this new feature will further enhance the user experience in the PhonePe app. Also, In the coming weeks, we will bring the Group Chat feature in the App through which users will be able to accept or request payment from a group of users in chat.

PhonePe introduces this new chat feature to both the iOS and Android platforms.

Now, How many of you think the new chat feature in the PhonePe App gives a boost to the company’s economy. Do let us know in the comments down below.

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