Social media websites may demand your identity card soon
Social media websites may demand your identity card soon

There are many social media sites in India, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. While billions of posts are made on these social media sites every day, many of these posts also promote fake news, gender abuse, and malicious content. So to curb such posts and mark the users who are doing such posts, the IT ministry of India has created a guideline for social media sites. This guideline is going to be included in the Personal Data Protection Bill, which IT ministry introduced last year, and right now, it is currently in the draft phase. A Gadget 360 report claims this guideline has been sent to the Law Ministry by the IT Ministry, and as soon as the Law Ministry approves this guideline, users using different social media sites have to officially disclose their identity via different ID Cards, Fingerprint, etc.

Now, Publicly disclosing the identity card on social media sites is also a challenging task because, in the last few years, we saw some social media sites leaking data of millions of users. Take Facebook as an example who leaked millions of users’ data in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Earlier, we heard that Facebook might ask the user to provide their Aadhar card to use their accounts. Later we came to know that UIDAI officials said Aadhar was introduced to provide Indians Government Scheme benefits quickly.

The constitution of India gives every citizen the right to speak anywhere, but there should be any truth or concrete evidence behind it. In the last few years, After the Internet Revolution came to India, many people joined social media sites. At the same time, many people do not know the information they are sharing on social media must have an actual truth behind it. In the last few years, we have seen incidents like lynching emerging due to rumors spreading on social media, which is quite unfortunate. Apart from this, there are millions of fake accounts existing on social media sites that are committing this type of crime. In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook seizes around 2.19 billion fake accounts.

So if the Government of India makes it mandatory for users to disclose their identity on social media sites, then they should also be careful to ensure that the data of the users must be in a safe hand. Apart from this, it is clear that if users officially disclose their identity on social media sites, then fake news spread is also going to decrease. Also, It is easy for cyber cell officials to caught such individuals who are spreading rumors on social media sites.

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