OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro will Launch on May 14 in India
OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro will Launch on May 14 in India

Chinese Smartphone maker company OnePlus recently opened a new section on their site, inviting users for OnePlus 7 Series Launch event. Rumours about the specs of this phone is already rolling over the web. But here, we gonna talk about the official confirmation from companies side in an encrypted form. Note that, In India, OnePlus 7 Series launch event to take place at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre on May 14, 2019 at 20:15 IST.

Once you access the page, you will notice line OnePlus 7 Series Launch Event. Now, there is a catchy word you have to notice in this line which is “Series”. So, this line means we’ll able to see more than one OnePlus 7 Smartphones and yes because it is OnePlus 7 Series Launch event, it logical that the company will launch a successor of OnePlus 6T. Now, here comes the explanation of OnePlus Pro Launch.

The official Twitter handle of OnePlus recently post a tweet where they reveal about OnePlus Pro clearly in the hashtags. See for yourself, what they have tweeted.

One thing you’ll also find interesting in tweet is, it contains a OnePlus 7 Series Graphics video. In this video we clearly see a triple rear camera setup with a oneplus logo on the back panel of the phone. So, we could logically deduce that at least one of the OnePlus 7 Smartphone will sport triple rear camera setup.

One more thing I found interesting in the Tweet, if read it more deeply. You can see a line written on the tweet “Bells and Whistles make noise, we make Phones”. Well, If you are so tech savvy then, you can deduce that here Bells stands for the Message tone of iPhones whereas Whistles stands for the message tone of Samsung. So, Indirectly OnePlus 7 challenges the current flagship phones of these two companies. That’s means OnePlus 7 specification is somewhat better than the specification of these two companies latest flagship model. iPhone latest flagship model is iPhone XS whereas Samsung latest Flagship model is Galaxy S10+.

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro Leaked Photo

Below is the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro photo that is leaked on Twitter.

OnePlus 7 Pro Leaked Photo | Credits: Twitter @Pricebaba
OnePlus 7 Leaked Photo | Credits: Twitter @Onleaks

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro Leaked Specification

If we look at the above picture we can see that OnePlus Pro have a Pop Up selfie camera, Triple Rear Camera with a Flash. One the other side, OnePlus 7 have dual rear camera set up at the back with a flash. We also see a water drop front camera in case of OnePlus 7. Back in early March, We already cover an article about OnePlus 7 Specification leaks online.

Processor: Both of these two phones are packed with Snapdragon 855 processor.

Display: Talking about the display, OnePlus 7 contains a 6.2″ Full HD+ Display, whereas OnePlus 7 Pro to sport a 6.7″ curved Quad HD+ Display.

Primary Camera: The Primary Camera of OnePlus 7 Pro is of 48MP with 16 Megapixels of wide angle lens plus 8 megapixels of Telephoto Lens. On the other side OnePlus 7 sport 48 Megapixels of Primary Camera with 5 Megapixels of Depth Sensor.

Battery: OnePlus 7 Pro sport a 4,000mAh of Battery with 30W Warp charging support. On the other hand OnePlus 7 sport a 3,700mAh of Battery with 20W Dash Charging Support.

FingerPrint Sensor: Both of these devices will pack In-display fingerprint sensor.

Well, we are not able to shout out about its pricing but I think its pricing is around 38 to 40 thousand rupee.

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