Jio Now Offers More Data and lowers price of its Different Prepaid Plan
Jio Now Offers More Data and lowers price of its Different Prepaid Plan

Jio now offers more data and lowers price of its Different Prepaid plan. Earlier, Prepaid plans that offers 1 GB Data now offers 1.5 GB. Similarly, prepaid plans that offer 1.5 GB, now giving 2 GB, 2 GB Turns out to 3 GB and so on. Not Just Increasing the Data of different prepaid plan, Reliance has also lowered the price of some of its plan. In this article we gonna talk about all those prepaid plans which Reliance has updated recently.

Why Reliance Lowers the price of its Different Prepaid Plan?

According to latest Telecom Monthly Subscriber Report by TRAI, Jio has acquired a total of 306 million users in India. However, This number include both the prepaid and postpaid subscribers. With this feature, Jio reaches at the 2nd position in the list of Top Telecom companies in India. Vodafone and Idea merger however, acquires the first position. So, it seems reaching this milestone Jio has updated its plan giving much benefits to user now.

I have created a table below, in which I have prepared a list of all the plans Jio have updated recently.

List of Prepaid Plans Jio Updated Recently

PlanNow Comes atEarlier Giving Data Benefits ofNow Giving Data Benefits ofValidity
Rs. 199Rs. 1491GB Per Day1.5GB Per Day28 days
Rs. 399Rs. 3491GB Per Day1.5GB Per Day70 days
Rs. 459Rs. 3991GB Per Day1.5GB Per Day84 days
Rs. 509Rs. 4991GB Per Day1.5GB Per Day91 days
Rs. 1,699Rs. 1,6991GB Per Day1.5GB Per Day365 days
Rs. 198Rs. 1981.5GB Per Day2GB Per Day28 days
Rs. 398Rs. 3981.5GB Per Day2GB Per Day70 days
Rs. 448Rs. 4481.5GB Per Day2GB Per Day84 days
Rs. 498Rs. 4981.5GB Per Day2GB Per Day91 days
Rs. 299Rs. 2992GB Per Day3GB Per Day28 days
Rs. 509Rs. 5093GB Per Day4GB Per Day28 days

These 11 plans Jio has updated recently. Do note that the Unlimited calling and SMS benefits these plan offered earlier isn’t affected. All of these plans are giving 100 SMS per day for the given number of valid days.

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