never miss any new release on Spotify with the What's New Feed
Image Credits: Spotify

Spotify is uploading 50,000+ hours of content (Podcasts and Music) every day. Hence, finding any new release on Spotify is quite a hectic task.

Especially, if users are finding the latest content of their favorite artists and pages.

Spotify has solved this problem by bringing a new feed called What’s New.

The What’s New feed contains all the latest content of the artists and pages a user follows on Spotify.

The feed is updated in real-time and notifies the user if it gets any new content.

You can easily filter the new music, new podcast, and new show episodes inside the What’s New feed.

You can access the What’s New Feed from the bell icon located at the top right corner inside the app window.

If you find any blue dot on the bell icon, then it means the What’s New feed has been updated and contains any new item.

The What’s New Feed is rolling out to all the users globally on iOS and Android and will become available in the coming weeks.

Via: Spotify Newsroom

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