Airtel XStream Fiber Plan

Back in September 2019, Airtel rebranded its Airtel TV App with a new name called Airtel XStream.

Initially, Airtel XStream was an OTT service. But, soon after gaining popularity, it became a brand that represents several Airtel services, for example, Airtel XStream Box, Airtel XStream Stick, Airtel XStream App, and Airtel XStream Fiber.

Here we aren’t going to discuss each of these services. Here our main focus is on Airtel XStream Fiber service and its rental plans.

What is Airtel XStream Fiber?

To provide a high-speed internet connection to the country, back in September 2019, Airtel launched its XStream Fiber Broadband service. Back then the service was limited to few cities but is now available in almost all the cities.

Airtel XStream Fiber gives us Internet Connection having speed up to 1Gbps.

Let’s talk about Airtel XStream Fiber Broadband Plans.

Airtel XStream Fiber Plan 2022

Airtel XStream Fiber Broadband currently has three plans whose availability varies from one city to another.

Plan NamePrice (in Rs.)InternetSpeedCall BenefitsOTT Benefits
Unlimited499UnlimitedUp to 40 MbpsUnlimited Local/STD CallsAirtel XStream, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy
Premium799 UnlimitedUp to 100 Mbps Unlimited Local/STD CallsAirtel XStream, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy
Entertainment999 UnlimitedUp to 200 Mbps Unlimited Local/STD CallsAirtel XStream, Wynk Music, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar

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