Xiaomi to launch MI Smart Band 5 in India on September 29, 2020
Credit: amazon.in

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Two weeks ago, I told you Xiaomi to launch the MI Smart Band 5 in India on September 29 via amazon.in. Infact, Amazon adds a special notification page about the same. Now, ahead of its launch, the price of the same smart band has been tipped off by a twitterati.

The MI Smart Band 5 maximum retail price is tipped to be Rs. 2,999, however, its sales price might be low, somewhere near Rs 2,499.

MI Watch Revolve Price might launch at Rs 10,999

In addition to the Smart Band 5, Xiaomi is also launching the MI Watch Revolve whose price has also been tipped off by the same twitterati. The maximum retail price of MI Watch Revolve is tipped to be Rs. 10,999, however, its sale price might be somewhere near to Rs. 9,999.

Xiaomi India recently teases some videos of MI Watch Revolve in which they revealed a circular dial of the watch with different faces and modes.

Well, those of you who are new to the topic, Tomorrow Xiaomi is launching a slew of its products in India. The major ones are MI Smart Band 5, MI Watch Revolve, and MI Smart AI Speaker.

Now, above you can see, the tipster revealed the expected price of two products, he isn’t sure about the price of MI Smart AI Speaker.

About pricing, Let me tell you again that, all the prices mentioned above are not officially confirmed yet but have been tipped by a trusted partner.

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