Xiaomi to launch MI Smart Band 5 in India on September 29, 2020
Credit: amazon.in

The upcoming Xiaomi MI Smart Band that is also the successor of MI Smart Band 4 is all set to launch in India on September 29, 12 Noon, via amazon.in. Part of amazon specials we came to know the launch date when Amazon adds a special notify me page about MI Smart Band 5 on their site.

Now, those of you who are thinking to buy a smart band or already have owned one even the MI Smart Band 4 should must read what’s new in MI Smart Band 5 because what I think, the MI Band 5 is a serious upgrade over the MI Band 4. Below, I have explained in detail, what’s new in MI Band 5 and why it is a serious upgrade over the MI Band 4.

MI Band 5: A Serious Upgrade over MI Band 4

MI Smart Band 5 Special Features (Credits: amazon.in)

Large Display: MI Smart Band 5 has larger display than its predecessor. The new version sports 1.1-inch colour AMOLED display having resolution of 126×294 pixels. Comparing the same with the earlier version, it has 0.95-inch screen.

A New Charging Dock: The MI Band 5 sports a new magnetic charging dock for a convenient charging experience. In the previous version, when we want to charge the band, we must remove the strap from the smart band. In this version, however, there is a new magnetic charging dock that can charge the band without removing the strap. In one full charge, this 125mAh battery packed band is said to operate for up to 14 days.

Women’s Health Mode: The MI Smart Band 5 is truly helpful for female users as it has a new special women’s health mode to track the menstrual cycle.

More Straps Colour: The new band comes in 7 colour options i.e. Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, and Yellow.

Sleep Monitor: While Sleep monitoring was not part of MI Smart 4, its successor sports the Sleep Monitor feature. Now, most of us know what sleep monitor feature do as you can guess even from its name, more specific details about this feature is yet to come.

Bluetooth 5.0: MI Smart Band 5 sports Bluetooth v5.0. That means you can operate your band from your smartphone at max from 400 meters.

Social Media Notifications and Weather Updates: With this new band you can get the Social Media Notifications and Weather Updates right on your wrist. However, for now we aren’t sure if you tap on the same notification then it will automatically be open in your phone or not because this feature was not available in the previous version.

11 Sports Mode: The new band has 11 sports mode to track the fitness via the built in 6-axis accelerometer sensor. Also, it has 50 meter of water resistance that means one can wear it without a fear while swimming or taking a shower.

MI Smart Band 5 also have an option to let the user to shoot a photo from their smartphone remotely.

The new upgrade also has a built-in microphone to understand what user command the band via the voice.

What is the cost of MI Band 5?

In China, Xiaomi sells the MI Smart Band 5 in two versions. The first one having no NFC support and the second one having NFC enabled. Now, In India, it is said, the NFC version is not likely to come. Xiaomi may introduce in India only the non-NFC version that costs roughly Rs. 2000 in China. The NFC enabled version on the other hand costs roughly Rs. 2500 in China.

Now, although the exact pricing of MI Smart Band 5 is not officially revealed or decided yet for India, but we assume its price might falls around Rs 2000.

Xiaomi to reveal about MI Smart Band 5 launch via a Virtual Event

On September 29, 2020, Xiaomi is said to conduct a virtual event Xiaomi’s Smarter Living Virtual Event and it is expected the company may announce about the MI Smart Band 5 on the same event. However, In any way, the Amazon notify me page already signs the Smart Band 5 is launching on the same date.

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