List of Announcements made at Google for India Event 2019

Google for India is an annual event where Google make announcement about the new products and services they are going to launch in India. Today, Google hosting the fifth edition of Google for India event in New Delhi. This time there theme is to make Internet more accessible in the country. Based on the theme, Google has made certain announcement about different services and products and here, we are going to give you the list of all announcements Google has made at Google for India Event 2019.

Announcements Google has made at Google for India 2019 Event

Expanding Public WiFi Connection

Four years ago, Google partners with Railtel and Indian Railways to assemble 400 public wifi across Indian Railway stations. They have completed that task in May this year. After that, Google extended the same program to assemble publicly accessible wifi across public building. Now, Today at Google for India event, the company announced they partners with BSNL to assemble public wifis across villages in Bihar, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Accessing Google Assistant Without Internet Connection

The Introduction of Reliance Jio degrades the cost of Internet in India. However, still there are a huge bunch of users who can’t afford to have an Internet connection. Now, till now we know, only those people could access Google Assistant who have an Internet connection. But now, Vodafone users in India are able to access Google Assistant simply by calling to a toll free number called 000-800-9191-000. That means they don’t require an Internet connection, Smartphone or even a 4G network. They can chat with Google assistant either in Hindi or English Language.

Promoting more Indic Languages

Do you know that globally Hindi is the most spoken language in Google Assistant after English? Well, that’s the reason Google now focusing on to bring more Indic language support in Different Google Apps. Today, the company announced, Google Lens can now translate and read more Indic languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu. Also, From today on, Google search supports Indic languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Google Pay for Business

In the same event, Google also announced they are launching a seperate Google Pay App for Small merchants and storefronts called Google Pay for Business. This new seperate app now helps Google to uniquely identify businesses on Google Pay.

New Options for Job Seekers and Businesses

Google announced they are going to integrate new options for Job Seekers and Businesses in the regular Google Pay app. For example, Soon Google pay users who are also seeking jobs will able to easily find entry level position across different companies. To enable this feature in Google Pay, Google has partnered with National Skill Development Corporation of India. Similarly, Soon businesses could create different options inside Google Pay App to give their customer faster experiences. For the screenshot I posted above you get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Opening of New AI Research Centre in India

Google has also announced they are going to open a new Artificial Intelligence research centre in India led by Doctor Manish Gupta. The prime purpose of this centre is to develop tools that is helpful to Government officials and Private firms.

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