Google Launches Data Saver Feature in Android TV
Google Launches Data Saver Feature in Android TV

Ahead of Google for India Yearly event that is scheduled on the coming Thursday, Google launches a slew of features for Android TV. The major one is the new Data Saver feature that will help users to watch three times more content on their Android TV now.

Data Saver in Android TV is a useful feature as you can see, not all users are watching content on their Android TV via wifi or wired Internet connection. Therefore, this feature helps those users more who access their Android TV via Mobile Hotspot Data. Turning Data Saver ON helps them to watch three times more content they view before.

To turn this feature ON and OFF, one can navigate to their Android TV settings menu. Also, Beneath the Data Saver option, there is one more option called Data Alert that helps the user to get notified once a defined set of data is consumed.

Coming to the other feature, Google rolled out in Android TV is the Hotspot Guide. This feature helps you to set up your Android TV with your Mobile Hotspot.

Last but not least, You can now cast your downloaded files to your Android TV via Files by Google App. Files by Google App now has an option called Cast that helps you to achieve this task.

All of these features are going to roll out first in India in the coming weeks. Also, In a blog post, Google reveals one can access these features in Android TV by Xiaomi, TCL, and MarQ by Flipkart.

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