Jio Plans to Route Mobile Calls via Jio Gigafiber
Jio Plans to Route Mobile Calls via Jio Gigafiber

Jio Plans to Route Mobile Calls via Jio Gigafiber. Currently, the subscriber base of Jio in India is more than 280 million. With this number it is obvious that network congestion definitely occur. Moreover, the rise in network congestion leads to call drop and lower call quality. In fact, Jio already infected with this disease, as many users are complaining about it. So, Reliance Jio has now come up with a plan that will let user connect mobile calls via Jio Gigafiber broadband.

Well, most of you know that Jio Gigafiber Broadband service is a fiber optic based wired connection. Now, as Jio Gigafiber broadband sports fiber optic wired connection, here the call quality you’ll get is super awesome.

Right now, Reliance has not revealed the exact blueprint of how it let user connect mobile calls via Jio Gigafiber. However, some experts believe it works in the same way like wifi do.

Those of you who don’t know let me tell you that Jio Gigafiber is also based on Internet Protocol services. That means one could also avail services like IPTV via Jio Gigafiber.

One more thing this service will work only if both the devices have Jio connection. I mean the smartphone and Jio Gigafiber.

If you remember BSNL has already rolled out somewhat this kind of service called BSNL Wings. There also a user can place calls via BSNL Broadband connection. I categorize this kind of service as Internet calling.

Although the exact rollout date is not public yet, but we do know Jio working on this service from one of our internal sources. It is obvious that Internet calling is a thing in future but shifting towards a wired connection again is astonishing.

This is all about this new service Jio working on. Once I get further details I’ll update it here.

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