Top 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram IGTV Platform
Top 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram IGTV Platform

In this article, we are going to give you the list of Top 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram IGTV Platform. The Facebook-owned company Instagram publish a new platform where users will now find long-duration videos. Till now, Facebook isn’t able to successfully establish a video sharing Platform on the Web. However, It looks like by this move, Facebook will grab approximately 78% of the Video traffic on the Internet. Okay, let’s talk about Top 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram IGTV Platform.

List of Top 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram IGTV Platform

1. A Standalone TV Platform Run Under Facebook

As the name itself declares Instagram TV i.e. IGTV, is somewhat like a Portable TV platform. However, A user can watch IGTV videos properly on Smartphones only. We will give you the Reason on the second point. Although, we already mention IGTV will run under Facebook officials.

2. IGTV Contains only Vertical Videos

Above we mention, Facebook Grabs only 78% of the Video traffic from the Internet. We indicate the fact by that statement is IGTV only focus on Vertical Videos. Means If you want to post any videos on IGTV that will show properly then, the videos must be Vertical. Right Now, Instagram doesn’t give any indication of whether they will add landscape format or not. However, On their official blog, they clearly mention the right format to upload videos on IGTV will be Vertical only.

3. IGTV Supports Long Duration Videos

After a long time, Facebook successfully builds a standalone platform that supports long duration videos. Moreover, Specifically, the length of the video must not extend 1 hour of Duration. Means, A creator can’t post a video whose length is greater than 1 hour. So, many times we mention the term creator. Here, Creator means anyone who produces and upload videos to the IGTV Platform.

4. IGTV will have a Separate App for Both iOS and Android

Instagram officials clearly say that IGTV works as a standalone platform. Standalone means the platform has it own separate server. However, they mention a user can directly share an IGTV video on any platform which runs under Facebook. The officials say IGTV will have its own dedicated app for both iOS and Android Platform. Moreover, a user can download it from the Playstore or AppleStore in upcoming weeks.

5. How will IGTV Work?

How will IGTV Work
How will IGTV Work?
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We expect IGTV will have the Instant Videos Playback feature. Means, as soon as you open the App videos will start playing. Moreover, If A creator of an IGTV channel has also an account on Instagram then his/her IGTV Channel icon will also show on his/her Instagram account.

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