Instagram Global Monthly Users Reaches 1 Billion
Instagram Global Monthly Users Reaches 1 Billion

June 20, 2K18 the day when Instagram Global Monthly Users Reaches 1 Billion in Number. Seriously isn’t it a giant figure. Last year in September the Number already reach up to 800 Million. Moreover, Now it crosses 1 Billion.

I mean yes the app integrates some features like Instagram Stories, Polls, Emoji slider etc last year. But the number drastically improves. Instagram rival Snapchat still battle to grow its user database.

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How Instagram Global Monthly Users Reaches 1 Billion in Number?

So, the basic theme is, if you already have a large user base then you can grow any platform rapidly. Therefore, the same case applies to Instagram here. The Instagram Parent company is Facebook. Moreover, Facebook already has a large user base. Therefore, Facebook can easily tweak some update to increase the userbase of Instagram also.

In fact, Today Techcrunch has present a report according to which Instagram launch a standalone App for Video Publishers. Instagram officials now confirm this report on one of their blog post in the evening. The app whose name is IGTV will bring a user to upload videos up to 1 hour in length. By this move, Instagram also shifts some video creators to their site. However, Right now Instagram isn’t in a position to compete with Youtube.

Meanwhile, the Facebook officials must celebrate because they achieve another milestone for one of its platform.

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