Facebook Making a Companion app for Instagram called Threads

While there are a plethora of features Instagram is testing right now, the latest one we came to know about is the Story Draft feature that let you to save your story as Draft if for some reason you may not want to post the story at the time of its creation.

Popular app tester and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently posted a tweet about Instagram’s Story Draft feature and shares the screenshot of it.

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri also tweeted about the Story Draft feature and said it is coming soon.

Why Instagram is bringing the Story Draft feature?

So, far when we create stories on Instagram and for some reason if we interrupt the creation process in the middle, then we lost all the work we created. To solve this and help users save their time in such cases, it seems like Instagram is bringing the Story Draft feature.

In addition to draft the stories, Instagram is also working on a plethora of other features. For example, Story Captions, that automatically generates the captions for your stories, End to End Encrypted Chats and more.

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