Qualcomm Android Powered Gaming Console

After securing its place at the top in the list of best mobile processor manufacturing company, Qualcomm is now shaping its hands to develop Gaming Consoles.

Reports are coming that Qualcomm is developing an Android Powered Gaming Console just like Nintendo Switch.

For now, there isn’t any official announcements but a report from Android Police says Qualcomm might announce its Gaming console in 2022 and its price falls around $300. The Android Police guys has also revealed the expected specifications of this Gaming Console, the same which I listed below.

Qualcomm’s Gaming Console Expected Specifications and Configurations

  • The Qualcomm Gaming Console will be powered by Android 12 with Customized Launcher.
  • The console will have full support of Google Play apps and services.
  • Qualcomm may create its own content portal and for that it may partner with the current popular cloud providers that is Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now.
  • While Android Police guys haven’t able to gather the knowledge of the console’s display size, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers said the size of the console’s display will might falls around 6.65 inches.
  • The console may feature the 6000mAh of battery supporting the Quick Charge technology.
  • The console can also play its content on large screen like TV or Monitor but for the same which technology will be used is not certain yet. May be Qualcomm attach an HDMI port or can feature the same via the USB-C port only.
  • To increase the external storage, the console will feature an SD card slot.
  • The console might feature the Qualcomm’s X55 modem to use the 5G network or can have the Wi-Fi accessibility only.

So, these are all the details that are so far revealed about Qualcomm’s Android Powered Gaming Console. As soon as we get more info about it, we will let you know.

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