Instagram Starts Removing Fake Likes, Comments, and Followers
Instagram Starts Removing Fake Likes, Comments, and Followers | Image Credits: Instagram

Instagram Starts Removing Fake Likes, Comments, and Followers that a user generates from third-party apps or services. This Photo sharing app is now using Artificial Intelligence to complete this task. We all know many users use third party apps to boost and grow their Instagram account un-naturally. These apps un-naturally boost Instagram accounts by incrementing the account followers, likes and comments.

On one hand where this new decision provides a healthy photo sharing platform to the user. While on other, it will give a serious headache to those third parties who develop these kinds of tool. Third party apps ask for user’s username and password and later they use it their own way to generate inauthentically likes, followers and comment count.

How do you find whether you are using an In-authentic Third-Party App for Instagram?

Instagram starts sending an in-app message to those users who are using a third app for boosting their account. The message even explains to you that you share your username and password with an app that offers you followers and likes. To Protect in-authentic activity on the Instagram community, you have to change your password. Changing a password will revoke access from those third-party apps.

The message contains a button tapping on which leads to a page where you will generate a new Instagram password. Note: Changing your Instagram Account password requires a current password.

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