Google Launches Digital Wellbeing Out of Beta
Google Launches Digital Wellbeing Out of Beta | Via: Google Developers

Google Launches Digital Wellbeing App Out of Beta for Google Pixel and Android One devices. In this digital world, SmartPhones are one of the major tools greatly consumes our time. Therefore, we must have ways to monitor its usage analytics. Means how much time we spent on different apps present on our phone and so on. Thanks to Google that launches an app called Digital Wellbeing via which we could monitor different app usage statistics.

In one line we could define Digital Wellbeing app as a smartphone tool to track and maintain all the app usage statistics on your smartphone. Think one more time about Google’s plan to monitor the popularity of different app companies via you. Okay, let’s dive into its feature and the option it gives you for Digital Wellbeing.

Google Digital Wellbeing App Features

Initially, Google rolls out this app on Google’s I/O 2018 developer conference. However, from that time to now for smartphones, it is only available for beta testers. After introducing this app on I/O developer conference it will be made available for YouTube as well as Google Calendar. However, now it is out of the beta program for smartphone users, means anyone could install it on their phone. But, Digital Wellbeing app is only available for Google Pixel and Android one devices, this makes me unhappy. Right now the app version is 1.0. So, if you are a user who falls under this app supporting device, then we recommend you to must check out this app at its initial level.

The Monitoring Feature

  • Via Digital Wellbeing app you can check how much time you spend on an App.
  • Which app gives you the most notifications.
  • Your phone usage time.

The Control Feature

  • You can set a time limit for an app if you think you don’t use it properly. After the time limit expires you will get an app pause notification. The notification explains you can use the given app next day.
  • The Wind Down feature pops you to switch off your smartphone at night.
  • The Greyscale feature helps you to fade your phone screen if you set a time limit for total phone usage.
  • DND Feature is also present in this app to mute night notifications. Flipping Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL devices will automatically activate DND on the handsets.

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