indian railway plans to offer free video streaming solution

After putting hand in providing free wifi at Railways stations Indian government now looks forward to introduce free video streaming solution on Railway Stations and Trains. From free video streaming I mean here you could watch videos like Movie, TV Shows, Regional Content, Devotional content and many other stuff.

Railtel, A Mini Ratna company that works under Indian Railway has given the responsibility to take care of the content distribution. Do note that, Railtel recently completes the installation of free wifi hotspots in 2000 railway stations across India. Well, you can see right now not all railways stations in India are wifi enabled but soon they will as promised by Indian railway ministry Mr. Piyush Goyal.

One Interesting thing Indian Railway introduced recently is the Biometric Token for General coaches. These tokens are distributed to passengers of general coaches on first come first serve basis. Biometric token is successfully tested on some trains like Pushpak express, Amravati Express, Jaipur Super Fast express and more, however, it is not rolled out for all trains right now. The benefit of Biometric Token relieves passenger from crowd in passenger coaches while also improves the security of these coaches.

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