How to Track Changes in Google Docs

In this article, we gonna explain you How you can track changes in Google Docs. Google Docs has three modes in the navigational menu called Viewing, Suggesting, and Editing. In the screenshot below, I have marked where you can locate these three modes.

Coming to Track Changes, In Google Docs you can spot it inside Suggesting Mode. Once you enter Suggesting mode in Google Docs, you then able to track changes in Google Docs.

Here is How Track Changes work inside Google Docs?

Suppose, you have created a document inside Google Docs on which more than one users are working. I mean you have given more than one user the authority to makes changes in the same document. So, How did you spot what changes these users have made in your Document? The answer is the suggesting mode.

Before explaining further, First, let me tell you, How you can give some other user the authority to make changes in your Google Doc.

In Google Docs, you can give a user any of the three authority present i.e. Can Edit, Can Comment, and Can View. To give some other user the authority to access your Google Doc, you have to share it, which you can do by clicking on the Share button that is present at the top right corner of the editor.

Once you click on the Share button, the editor ask you to give your Document a name or you can skip it. Then, the editor ask you two things, First is the name or the email address of the user you want to share your document with and the second is the type of authority you want to give the same user.

Once you fill and select the above two field, then Click on the Blue Done button to share your document with the user whose name or email address you have filed.

Now, Once you have given a user the permission to either edit or comment in your Google Docs. Then, the respective changes he made then, starts appearing in the suggesting mode to all the user the same document is shared with.

How to Track Changes in Google Docs? (Steps)

The above we explained are the prerequisites for Track Changes Feature in Google Docs.

Now Suppose a user has made any change in your Google Docs (in suggesting mode) then it also start appearing to you (in sugggesting mode) and all the users the document has shared with.

Now, the suggesting mode also offer you to either accept or reject the change some other user has made to your document like as I show you in the screenshot below.

In the above screenshot, you can see that sanjay monu has made some change that is marked under the Replace field. On the other side, Sanjay Kumar Monu has made a comment (Yes that is correct) on the same change that is made by sanjay monu.

Now, because both of these users have permission to edit this document anyone can accept the changes by clicking on the ✔ button present in the change box. That is how Track Changes works in Google Docs.

If you guys have still any doubt about Track Changes feature in Google Docs, you can ask us in the comment box down below.

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