By Default Google Docs sets the Arial font while we create any document. However, Google docs has an option to change the font. We can simply choose the font we like from the navigation menu as I show you in the screenshot below.

Well, that’s the way we choose a font in Google Docs. However, once we create a new document, Google Docs again chooses the default Arial Font. So, Is there any method to set a font as our default font in Google Docs, so that if we create a new document, the editor selects the font we choose earlier.

Of course Yes, Google docs has an option to set a font we choose as the default one. To select a font as the default one all you have to do is repeat the steps we provide you below.

  1. First and foremost, Open Google Docs Editor and write some paragraphs.
  2. Then, Select the paragraph and choose the font you like that we show you in the screenshot above (How to do it).
  3. Now, In the Google Docs Navigational menu, Go to Format > Paragraph Styles > Normal Text > Update ‘Normal Text’ to match.
  4. Then, again from the Navigational Menu Open Format > Paragraph Styles > Options > Save as my Default Styles.

Well, basically, the above method set your document preferences which you have set in your editor to set as default. For example, if you have set line spacing to 1.5 (by default which is 1.15) and the repeat the exact say steps mentioned above. Then, the editor sets 1.5 as line spacing for the new documents also.

With the same steps mentioned above you can also play with Titles, Headings, and Subheadings.

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