table of contents google docs
table of contents google docs

In this article, we gonna explain you How you can make a table of contents in Google Docs. Google Docs is one of the best word processing application out there not because it is free but because it provide a lot of useful features. Here we gonna talk about one such useful feature called Table of Contents.

Table of Contents help us to organize our document in a hierarchical structure and looking at the Table of contents one can get the overview of the whole document.

Technically, In most cases Table of contents links to different headings present on the article. Also, Clicking on any content leads you to the respective heading.

Okay, Let’s take a look at How you can create Table of Contents inside Google Docs. Here we go.

How to make a Table of Contents in Google Docs? (Steps)

To make a table of contents in Google Docs, first open Google Docs.

Then, Select a row (by clicking on it) where you want to add Table of Contents.

Next, In you Google Docs menu go to Insert > Table of Contents.

After that Choose How you want your table of contents to look like from the two given options like as I show you in the screenshot below.

The first option make your table of content appear with page numbers whereas the second one make your table of content to appear with clickable blue links.

That is it, In these simple steps you can add a Table of Contents in Google Docs at any place you like.

How to Delete Google Docs Table of Contents?

Deleting Table of Contents in Google Docs is also super easy. All you have to do is Right Click on the Table of Contents and there you find an option to Delete it. Clicking on the same option delete the table of contents in your Google Docs.

How to Modify Google Docs Table of Contents?

Table of contents inside Google Docs contains Titles and Heading of your Document. Once you add or delete a Heading inside your Google Docs document, the changes reflect quickly in the Table of Contents but you have to click the Refresh Icon present in your Google Docs Document.

If you still find any difficulty in adding a table of contents inside Google Docs, you can watch the YouTube Video I have posted below.

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