how to get reliance jio 4k led tv for free

At Annual General Meeting 2019, Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced to give Jio Fiber customers a 4K Led TV for free under Jio Fiber Welcome Offer. Jio Fiber is launching in India on September 5, 2019. I have already write an article about Jio Fiber launch date and other details. You can read that article here.

Now, Coming to Jio 4K TV, right now we don’t know its specification or about the hardwares or part installed in it. However, we do know Reliance giving Jio 4K TV for free to only those Jio Fiber customers who would enroll for Jio Fiber Yearly Plan.

Coming to Jio Fiber Yearly Plan, At the same meeting Mukesh Ambani reveals Jio Fiber monthly plan ranges in between Rs. 700 to Rs. 10,000. Well, the more your opt for speed the higher price you have to pay.

Right now, it is also not certain under which plan Reliance give Jio Fiber customers a free 4K LED TV. As you can see if we enroll for Rs. 700 plan for an year, that will cost us only Rs. 8,400. Moreover, under this amount we get other things too beside Jio 4K LED TV. For example, we get JIO 4K Set Top Box, 100Mbps of Unlimited Monthly Internet, will able to watch movies on the same day of its release.

So, all you have to note here is getting Jio 4K LED TV requires you to enroll for Jio Fiber Yearly plan. More details are coming on September 5, 2019. So, stay close with us to get the details as soon as possible.

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