Facebook Making a Companion app for Instagram called Threads

In the next segment to rival Snapchat, Facebook now developing a messaging app called Threads, The Verge published. You can imagine of Thread as an add-on app for Instagram that will helps you exclusively interact with your close friends on Instagram. However, it will do other sets of tasks too.

The interaction could be in any form, including Text Messaging, Photo Messaging, or Video messaging. I know you might be thinking about why Facebook working on a standalone app to give Instagram messaging support as the platform already have “Direct.”

Well, the difference between Instagram Direct and Threads is not just limited to give exclusive messaging support to close friends. In fact, With Threads, you could share your location, status, speed, and other sets of data with your close friends. However, if you want, then you can also share these data on Instagram feed. For example, you are sharing your status like free, busy, bored, watching TV, etc. on Instagram feed.

Comparing Instagram upcoming Threads feature with Snapchat’s Best Friend, they are more or less the same. Instagram is alleged from early times that it is copying the Snapchats feature. Therefore, this time also, Geeks saying Instagram copying one more feature of Snapchat.

In the US, Snapchat is the most likable and accessible app among teenagers when we compare it with Facebook or Instagram. Looks like with Threads Instagram going to draw some more users from Snapchat Community.

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