how find third party apps website using instagram account data

Instagram has recently integrated a feature that helps you to manage the third-party apps and websites that are using your Instagram account data. These third-party apps and websites may get your account data while you use your Instagram account credentials to log in to them. Coming to your account data, a website or app get access to varies. However, the worst they get access to your account data includes your profile information, username, captions, photos and account type.

These pieces of information are not the insignificant one as you can see, they get access to your photos (even when you set your account to be private). So, this new feature helps you a lot to maintain your account security.

Now, let’s take a look at the method to find all the third-party apps and websites that have your Instagram account data.

Before reaching the actual procedure, make sure to update your Instagram app to its latest version.

Now, open the app and go to its settings page.

There you see the Security option under which Apps and Websites option is present. Open it, and you find two categories there called Active and Expired.

The active category list all the third-party apps and websites that have your Instagram account data in active mode. That means these sites and apps have your current account credential.

The expired category, on the other hand, list apps and websites that have your expired account credentials.

Facebook already has this feature. However, Instagram takes so long to include it.

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