Instagram Quietly Removed Following Tab

“Following tab” that was earlier, the partner of Activity Tab (as it sits next to it) is now gone from Instagram. The Social Photo sharing website has removed the “Following Tab” and now makes the app more private for users.

Some people recognize the Following Tab also as the stalker’s tab. That’s because the Following Tab lists all the activities of the people we follow on Instagram except the Instagram Direct messages.

So, it seems like they are making the platform even more private for users. When I started using Instagram, at first, I also quite get confused, why Instagram has given such a tab as it helps others to explore my Instagram activities.

Photo Credits: BuzzFeed

Instagram asserts a reason about removing this feature is most people don’t know about this tab or using it.

If you ask, some people agree they like this tab. However, there are others who like their activities more private.

I think, instead of removing the tab as the whole, Instagram should give its user some modularity. I mean, maybe instagram roll out an option to turn on and off this tab. For example, If a user turns off this tab, he also not able to see other’s activities. Somewhat similar to the read receipts option present in WhatsApp.

One more thing worth to note

If you are thinking about not updating your Instagram app prevent this tab from being left out, Let me tell you it is a server side update. That means either you are using an old version of the app or the new one, you find this tab gone.

Well, that is all for now. Let me know whether you like the Following Tab or not.

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