HMD Global Launches WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone
HMD Global Launches WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone | Credits: YouTube

HMD Global launches WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G mobile phone in India. Well, the same app is not available in other countries right now but don’t worry soon it will. Nokia 8110 4G banana phone was launched in October last year in India. At that time most of the users already shifted towards Reliance trending feature phone called Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2. On one side where the price of both of the Jio Phone is lower than that of the price of Nokia Banana Phone whereas on the other side Jio Phone also sports WhatsApp.

At the time of Launch, HMD Global put a price tag of Rs. 5,999 on Nokia 8110 4G Mobile phone but later they reduce it to Rs. 4,999. Well, if we talk about Jio Phones, the version 1 comes at a price of Rs. 1500 whereas the version 2 comes at Rs. 2,999.

Okay, now if I ask you to decide which phone you buy between Nokia 8110 and Jio Phone, I know most of you would choose Jio Phone by looking at its pricing. However, In my personal opinion, the built quality of Jio Phone is not that well in compare to Nokia Banana Phone.

Okay, let’s talk about first the software specification of Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone.

Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone Interesting Specs

Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone
Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone

You will find KaiOS Operating System in Nokia 8110 4G Mobile Phone. Reliance Jio Phone also sports this same operating system.

Now, when you first boot up the phone you’ll see KaiOS logo and after that a notification to set up anti theft in case you lose your phone. Anti-Theft setting help you to remotely wipe-out the data present on your phone. Head over to the setting menu to setup Anti-Theft.

Most of you won’t notice but Nokia 8110 4G sports a curved display.

You can lock and unlock the phone by up and down the keypad slider.

It sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor with some of the popular apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Maps.

However, still if you compare its price with Jio Phones, the difference equates to Rs. 2000 and Rs. 3,500.

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