Adding Into WhatsApp Group now Requires Permission
Adding Into WhatsApp Group now Requires Permission

Adding into WhatsApp Group now requires permission. The Instant Messaging app rolls out a new option enabling which requires anyone to take permission from you before adding you to a group. Earlier anyone could add you to a WhatsApp Group without your consent.

You can find this new option called Groups in the Privacy section of your WhatsApp Account. You can navigate to it by going through Account>Privacy>Groups. Once you reach the Groups option, tapping on it leads you to reveal three new options i.e. Nobody, My Contacts, and Everyone. Well, if you choose Nobody then anyone who adds you to a Group first requires your permission. Moreover, the app prompts the person to send a private message to you before when he invite you to a group. Now, Above My Contacts means only your Contacts will able to add you to a Group without your Consent. Similarly, Everyone means anyone can add you to a Group without your permission.

Well, Right now, If you go to your WhatsApp Account and navigate to the location I mention above, maybe you won’t find these options. Don’t worry, Since this feature is in roll out phase you will get access to it in coming weeks. Also make sure to update your app to the latest version by navigating to the Google Play Store.

Most of you think that Why WhatsApp Introduces this kind of healthy feature too late. That’s because Indian Government have now put pressure on WhatsApp to make Group more healthy by looking at the spread of rumours at a peak rate via the Platform.

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