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To let user run speed test right on Google Search, the search giant has partnered with Mesearment lab. Now, anyone who want to test their Internet speed, Google search now has a new snippet that evolve when a user type Internet speed test on Google Search. Here is how the snippet looks like.

In the above snippet, you can see that, there is a blue Run Speed Test button, on which once you click, the Internet speed test starts running. The snippet also promises to complete the Internet speed test in under 30 second and consuming a maximum of 40MB data in fast network connection.

The Internet Speed test run by this snippet presents three data in front of us that includes the Download Speed, Upload Speed and the network latency. I know many of you know, but here I repeat it for those who don’t know, Download Speed tracks how fast data comes to you and is measured in Mbps. Upload speed on the other hand, tracks how fast you can send data to others. It is also measured in Mbps. Finally, last but not the least Latency measures how quickly you get a response from the server.

Latency is measured in milliseconds and you know lower latency is really important for realtime apps like video calling and gaming.

Google says, currently, the snippet which we mentioned above able to measure network speed upto 700Mbps and in future they may increase this limitation.

Google also mentioned, the speed test share your IP Address with the M-Lab but promises no other data will be shared. M-Lab on the other hand uses the speed data of different IP Address for Internet Advance Research.

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  1. How can we increse the speed of internet in my phone I have a Vodafone sim with 4f data plane . Plze solve my problem. The internet seep text can also anwers after analysing all their vaeurification. That your internet is very low. Plze solve my problem

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