Google Pay Launches SMS and Notification Alert for Collect Request
Google Pay Launches SMS and Notification Alert for Collect Request

Two years ago, Google launched a UPI App in India by the name Google Tez. However, Later in 2018, Google changes the name to Google Pay. In these two years, Google brings several features and offers in Google Pay as well as not step aside to tighten the app security. And now, Today, Google again come up with a new feature that hardens the transaction security to the next level.

Google now sends you in App notification as well as SMS alert every time you get a collect request. However, What is meant by Collect Request?

Well, You get a collect request when someone wants you to send the money, and with this new feature, Google has tightened the collect request.

You must be thinking how? Well, Below, I have answered the same.

How Google Identifies Suspicious Collect Request?

Google Pay uses Machine Learning Methods (a complex set of computer instructions called Algorithms) to identify whether a transaction is Trustful or Suspicious.

If Google Pay machine learning method found a suspicious transaction, it shows the user a spam notification. Then, it’s up to the user to decline the transaction or not.

You can see how a suspicious collect request looks like in Google Pay in the photo below.

Google Pay Suspicious Collect Request
Google Pay Suspicious Collect Request

Today, Google adds one more set of notification in the form of in app notification and SMS alert for every collect request a user receive in Google Pay.

The update rolls out today and soon became live on every Google Pay apps in the country.

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