Google Directly Answer Some Queries

Now, Google Directly Answer Some Queries Instead of showing you the Web Results. Day by day Google improves its machine. Note that when we feed our query into Google, it presents us some sort of results. For example, I search for “Google” in Google itself, it brings me back these results which I snap in the screenshot below.

Google results
A Typical Google Search Result

It brings me back with several search results, the domain at the top. Google’s twitter handle results, Google Knowledgebase data etc.

However, now In a blog post which is pointed first out by Sergey Alakov, explains Google now gives you what he names it “Zero Search Result”.

Zero Search Result doesn’t mean Google will not prompt you up with any search result in General. Well, technically it is. There are several straightforward queries for which Google directly present you the answer by itself instead of showing you searches results from different websites. Right now, it is not clear what are those queries and how many of them are available.

Some of these queries examples are, mathematical-like addition, subtraction etc, while others are about weather queries, local time queries, unit conversion etc.

Google Zero Search Result Example
Google Zero Search Result Example

However, Danny Sullivan reveals about this upcoming feature back in March this year via his twitter handle. Now, Google confirms about this feature to Search Engine Land.

Note that Zero Search results don’t mean the user will not get the normal search result like before. These results are present at the bottom, however, at the top, you will zero results.

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