Gboard launches Smart Completion Undo Autocorrect Google Assistant Dictation Feature

In a bid to enhance the Digital Journey of more than 1 billion, Google’s Gboard Keyboard app has added three brand new features in the latest stable release.

Google’s Gboard app is reportedly rolling out Smart Completion, Undo Autocorrect, and a brand-new Dictation feature in the app. One may find these new features in Gboard 9.7.03 release but because this release is a server-side update, hence, a wider rollout may take some more days.

Now, talking about these three features in detail, The Smart Completion feature is just like the Smart Compose feature you guys are using in the Gmail. This Machine Learning based feature automatically suggests you the next word while you type and you can use it by simply swiping right across the suggested word.

The other feature is Undo Autocorrect. In any keyboard app, the feature I disabled at the very first once complete installing the app is the Autocorrect feature. The reason is this feature automatically correct even our custom favourable words and the worst part is, deleting the same word is time consuming. To counter this problem, Gboard has added a feature to Undo the Autocorrect word simply by tapping the backspace button. As soon as the user tap on the backspace button, the feature quickly reverts the autocorrected text with the original one.

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Last but not the least is a new Google Assistant based Dictation feature that let the user to type text using the voice via Google Assistant. The feature also let the user to send the typed text simply by saying send or can delete the text by saying delete. Google Assistant based voice typing feature in Gboard was first showcased at Google I/O 2019 and now has been dispatched in Gboard version 9.7.03.

While I told you above but repeating the same again, all these three features are server-side roll out, hence may take some days to pop in your device.

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