Facebook Shows Link Info
Facebook Shows Link Info

In a recent update to the portal, Facebook Shows Link Info via which one can grab more information about a link that is present on Facebook. This new strategy not only curbs fake news but also help a user to collect information about a Publisher. Right now, if we look through all the social media channels over the web, Facebook is one of them where you easily find fake news rolling over. However, with this step somewhat this misinformation spreading will stop.

Facebook Shows Link Info: How does this feature work right now?

Right now on Facebook, if you look any link then Facebook Place an i icon at the bottom right corner of the link like we post below.

Facebook Shows Link Info 1
Facebook Shows Link Info Snap 1
Facebook shows link info 2
Facebook shows link info Snap 2

Once you click on this icon it reveals various information about the link. More specifically it reveals info about the publisher who actually creates it. This information contains the following set of things which we mention below:

  • The First Time when that link has been shared on Facebook.
  • The registration date of the domain where this link resides.
  • What are all the other links that this domain recently shares on Facebook?
  • Places from all around the world where this link spread.
  • Explicitly it can also provide you with the information about the owner of the domain where this link resides. You can find this info by clicking on the Whois link.

Let see whether this new step by Facebook helps in curbing fake news or not?

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