Facebook Now Shows Product Ads Via Augmented Reality
Facebook Now Shows Product Ads Via Augmented Reality

Facebook Now Shows Product Ads Via Augmented Reality. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest and creative concepts that cracks the usefulness of AR.

Yes, you heard it right, Facebook will now show advertisements of products via augmented reality. Facebook announced about this feature in one its events in the US. Facebook says the company will now show products ads with the help of AR in user’s feed. Augmented Reality is one of Facebook’s Futuristic Dream Projects. Millions of Tech Analysts believe that in future AR will prove to be one of the best ways to map real-world objects via technology. However, this is the reason that almost all major companies are focusing on Augmented Reality projects.

Facebook Now Shows Product Ads Via Augmented Reality: For Whom it will be useful?

So, If you are a product marketer, say you built coffee mugs. Then, with this new Ads feature your target buyers can get the complete visual experience of your product by sitting right in their home. Therefore, at one end this new upcoming feature will definitely boost the marketing campaign. However, at another end, it also populates the normal user feed via ads.

Moreover, this feature or more specifically we say these types of ads are currently rolling for US users. However, we think it will soon be available in other countries too.

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