Facebook New Feature Keyword Snooze
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Facebook New Feature Keyword Snooze now save you from Spoilers. The Blue company adds this new feature on 27th June 2018, which helps you to filter your feed better. More specifically, this filtering will ruin all the spoilers for approx 30 days. In my opinion, it is a sufficient time to block those who expose the final cut publicly.

With this feature, you have now the ability to manage your Facebook feed. This will help you to watch your favorite movies or TV seasons without an early spoiling.

Facebook New Feature Keyword Snooze: Where it will Present?

Earlier Facebook adds a Snooze feature by which you can snooze all the posts of a profile or a page for 30 days. Those of you who still don’t know about this feature it is present in the upper right menu of any post you see in your feed. You can open the snooze feature by clicking on the 3 dot icon that is present at the upper right corner of every post.

Similarly, the New Keyword Snooze feature is also present on the same upper right menu. Moreover, you can access it similarly by clicking on the 3 dot icon.

With Keyword Snooze you can hide all the posts in your feed which relate to the specific keyword for 30 days. A Keyword here means that any specific word or term you want to hide. For example Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley etc.

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