Facebook Avatars
Facebook Avatars

In a bid to let the user customize their virtual appearance by creating personalized emojis, World’s largest social networking company, Facebook launches Avatars in India. Those of you who can’t get it, What Avatar is? Well, its a new feature on Facebook and Messenger and an alternative to Snapchat’s Bitmoji, which I think many of you already heard of.

Now, as I said, you could use Facebook Avatars both on Facebook and the Messenger. On Facebook, you can use it in comments, whereas in Messenger, you can use it to make your chat more personalized. However, to use it, you first have to create it, which you can do from the sticker tray present in the Facebook comment section and the Facebook Messenger.

Talking about its availability, I can use it on Android Nougat and the higher version in India. Now, Although Facebook launches Avatars in India, it was initially available to the users in Australia and New Zealand and recently in Europe and the US.

About this Bitmoji competitor, Facebook says that they launched Avatars to boost social interaction amid lockdown in India. The company also said, Avatars sports a variety of faces, hairstyles, and outfits.

Although Facebook launches its version of personalized emojis now, Snapchat was the first to introduce it as Bitmoji last year. Snapchats says about 70% of its daily active users (around 147 million users) are using this feature. Now, coming to Facebook, In India only, the social giant has over 350 million users. Hence, it will be interesting to see which company will lead this feature in the coming days.

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