Facebook Enables Live Sync Feature for News Feed
Facebook Enables Live Sync Feature for News Feed

Facebook Enables Live Sync Feature for News Feed. Facebook wants to make its platform more engaging and in this Journey, it adds several features to the platform. Now, some of you will see an option of adding songs to Photos and Videos in News Feed. Facebook calls this feature the Live Lip Synchronization which it implements already in the Facebook stories back in May this year. Now, Looking forward to making this more available the social network implements it in the news feed too.

Live Lip Synchronization via which one can add a song track in the photos or videos. Curious to know where you will find this feature? To access this feature first you have to upload a photo or you can even use the facebook camera to do so. Then, In the sticker section, you will find a music sticker. Tapping on this sticker rolls out a list of songs. From there on you can use the song or some portion of it.

Facebook also working on to roll out the Live Lip synch feature to its 360-degree videos. All of these things reveal that the social network is more focusing on the music niche. Bringing music to enable it on many features available on Facebook makes the platform more engaging.

So, let see how many of you found this feature. And yes don’t forget to let us know in the comment section.

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