How-to-download movies from torrent websites
How-to-download movies from torrent websites

In this article, we guide you to how to download movies from torrent websites. Undoubtedly, Torrent websites are blessing for the movie lovers. Not only, movie lovers but also the gaming lovers and more. First, for the people who do not have any idea about, what is this torrent client and torrent website. In simple words, a torrent website is a website from where you can download almost every downloadable thing i.e. movies, songs, games etc. A torrent client is a small software used to download stuff from these torrent websites.

At the same time, it’s quite cumbersome downloading things from torrent websites. So, today we gonna tell you how to download movies from torrent websites using a torrent client. Presently, we will be using BitTorrent as our torrent client. Furthermore just follow the steps.

You can download BitTorrent from here. Then, install it on your pc and laptop.

Furthermore, we present you a list of top 10 working torrent sites. Check them out and start downloading. Thank us later.

Download Movies from Torrent Websites || BitTorrent

1First, Visit the torrent website Skytorrents. We are preferring Skytorrents because this is a totally add free and secure torrent website.

2Now, Type the name of the movie which you want to download in the search bar and press Enter key or Click on the search torrent button.

3Now, look for the appropriate file (i.e. File format, Seeds and peers, file size), and just look for the magnet shaped icon there.

4Right-click on the magnet shaped icon and click on the copy link address.

5Now, You just have to open your BitTorrent downloader. Then, Select the torrents option from the extreme left list. And then, look for the (-) icon.

6Afterwards, paste the link in the search bar. then Click the ok button.

7A screen will appear, where the files from the torrent website will be fetched after the files fetching gets finished. Just click the Ok button.

8Your download has been started. Furthermore, We wish you a very happy downloading.

download movies from torrent websites

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