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Honor 9i Review | Introduction

In this article, we present you the latest honor 9i review. We review it in terms of its Build quality, Performance, Camera & Battery Backup given.

The Subsidiary of Huave i.e. Honor recently launched Honor 9i smartphone in India. The Price of the phone is Rs 17,999 and has 4 cameras. As there are many features assemble in it, there are also some drawbacks too. Which segment of this smartphone is best? Is there any particular advantage to the four cameras assembled? Is it value for money? Responding to the questions similar to this we will review this phone for you.

Design and build quality | Honor 9i Review


First, we will discuss the design and build quality of this Smartphone. The smartphone is made up of the metal body. This smartphone is not so much slim, but it is easy to hold. At the top and bottom of the rear panel, you will see antenna lines but it is not visible on the side. There is a flashlight in the top center of the rear panel with the dual camera module right below it.

There is a fingerprint scanner below the camera and the bottom is reserve by Branding and Certification of Honor. An Honor 9i micro USB connector is given on the bottom and on the right side you find speaker grill. The headphone jack is on the left, and that place a microphone is also given. The smartphone is using the least possible bezel. In it the selfie camera isn’t down like Mi MIX 2 instead it is present above. There is a flash also next to the camera. On the right side, the volume rocker and lock key are present whereas the left side has SIM tray.

The Build Quality of the phone is solid, there is no doubt in it. Here, you feel like taking a premium smartphone. The rear panel is not slippery, so you can use it without any cover too. A protection is given on the display that you can remove if you wish. The design is not unique in its term and nothing is new in it. The design of the phone is very similar to the V7 Plus which Vivo already launch in the past.

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Display | Honor 9i Review


At the beginning, we had talked about having four cameras in it and after that, we had said that it has more specialty. Yes, the other major feature of this smartphone is the display given in it. It does not have an AMOLED panel, but here LCD screen is used. The screen size is 5.9 inch and its resolution is Full HD i.e 2160X1080. This phone has an Aspect ratio of 18: 9. Apart from this, 2.5D curved Glass has been given in it. If you use it for a week, its screen will start to look bright and sharp. Being Sharp, it will look great in photos and videos.

Honor 9i also has an Ambient Light Sensor. Wherever you use this phone, depending on the location of the light, its display brightness will adjust itself. Sometimes you may have to adjust it manually. That is, it is not so intelligent, but this feature will not disappoint you.

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Overall, your experience of watching videos in Honor 9i will not disappoint you. Its viewing angle is also too good. As the bezel is low and the display is high, this phone is also good for gaming. Overall, we can say about the display of Honor 9i is superb.

Performance | Honor 9i Review


Honor 9i has Huawei’s own Krini 659 octa-core processor, which has a speed of 2.36GHz. It has 4GB of RAM and an internal memory of 64GB.

It is easy to use and it runs on basic customer user interface EMUI 5.1 which is based on Android Nougat. You will enjoy great tasking here. First, its display is superb and the other has a great task in it. The other smartphone of this range doesn’t provide such features. We have realized that if you are doing two things together, such as using Facebook, even if you are watching YouTube in half screen then this phone does not lag.

Going from one app to another is smooth and app switching is quite fast. Unlocking this phone is even faster, meaning that the rear fingerprint scanner provided in it meets the claims of the company. Once your finger touches the biometric sensor, your phone unlocks before the blink of light. There are also some more uses of fingerprint scanners that make it easy to use.

Video and Gaming Performance

But this smartphone is not for heavy usage, if you play some heavy games in it then the game runs but you can even feel the lag. Some light games like racing game run well and there is no problem in it. The good thing is that if you watch a lot of videos and watch movies then you will not get any problems. That’s because its screen is awesome and running videos do not make any difference in its performance. During gaming the battery degradation is fast, so you must take care of it.

Overall, this smartphone is awesome for everyday use and if you are not fond of heavy gaming and heavy application around the world then Honor 9i will not disappoint you at all.

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Camera | Honor 9i Review


Now let’s talk about Honor 9i’s biggest specialty. This is probably the world’s first smartphone in this price segment, in which we have four cameras. Two rear cameras while two for selfies. Now let’s talk about the advantages of these cameras in the day to day usage. The importance of clicking the photo by blurring background was of DSLR, but now more and more smartphones are offering these features. Similarly, by the dual camera assembled in this smartphone, you can click photos by blurring the background. But now Selfie can also be click by blurring the background.

Bokeh effect/portrait mode or background blur whatever you want to say. This smartphone takes a little time to process by clicking such a picture. By little time we mean that some people may also tell you why the photo is taking so long to click. Actually, it takes a little time to blur the background of the photo. Obviously, you will not like it, but believe that it background blur is amazing.

Here, the use of the camera is more to click than ordinary pictures, this smartphone also comes in. But if the light is less then it disappoints you. This way we have found its overall camera performance disappointing. In good light, it clicks great photos but in dim light, it flops. When we talk about detailing, here you also get it too.

For details, let us tell you that its rear cameras have two sensors, one is 16 megapixels and the other one is 2 megapixels. Similarly, there is a 13-megapixel sensor for the selfie, while the second one is 2 megapixels. However, a single LED flash is assembling in both cameras.

Battery life | Honor 9i Review

Honor 9i has a battery of 3340mAh but does not have USB Type C. We believe that the company should have given the USB Type C in it because the budget of this smartphone is of slightly higher range. The smartphones of this segment are now fast moving towards USB Type C.

When we talk about battery backup, its battery backup will not disappoint you. In mix use, you can run it comfortably throughout the day. Even if you return home at night, there will be a bit of battery left in your smartphone. But if you used your phone less meaning that if you have not surfed too much, you have not seen many videos, you can also run it for 24 hours. Its standby backup also does not disappoint you. If 10 percent of the battery is left and you do not do anything, then it will easily stand for more than 6 hours. Although these smartphones do not support fast charging, it will take some time to charge it. We believe that the company should have given fast charging in it.

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