How to download Large Torrent Files Rocket Fast
How to download Large Torrent Files Rocket Fast?

Here In this article, I explain you to How to Download Large Torrent Files Rocket Fast? If you have an Internet connection and you download files via Internet then, you heard about Torrents. Well, torrent is a file type that contains informations like File name, File size, Location and many other things. Also, it contains a cryptographic value that is used to verify the identity of a file. With a torrent file one can share different files to someone by any torrent distribution system. The popular one is Bittorrent Distribution System.

Right now, Sharing files over Torrent Distribution System is one of the coolest method of file sharing. However, A large percentage of user misuse this method for Data Piracy like illegally distributing Movies, Songs, and other copyright things over Torrent Distribution System.

Anyways, Torrent seems to be an efficient method of file sharing but it has some limitations attached with it. For example, downloading a file over torrent depends upon the speed of number of seeders and leechers, your network speed and lot of other things. Therefore, downloading a large torrent file still giving headache to most of the users.

But don’t worry, because here in this article I share with you a method by which you can download any torrent files at much greater speed.

How to Download Large Torrent Files Rocket Fast? (Guide)

I know some of you are using Bittorrent, utorrent and other torrent client for downloading torrents. Maybe you are getting better speed by downloading a file via torrent client. But here again, the speed depends upon the factors I mentioned above in this article.

In my method, I have removed one limitation called your network connection speed. Because here I’m using three free Internet Services i.e., Multcloud and Google Drive. helps you to convert your torrent file into direct download link, however, Multcloud helps you upload that file to Google Drive. And finally we’ll download the file from Google Drive, that’s the plan.

First you have to create an account on all these three sites.

Once you create an account on all these three sites, Visit first, and paste the torrent magnet link in the paste link URL field. You can also upload a torrent file by clicking on the upload button present there if you like.

Once, you file upload on, open it if its a folder and copy the download link of the exact file you want to download by right clicking on it.

After copying the direct download link of the file open Multcloud and Click on Add Cloud Drives. Here you have to add your Google Drive account to Multcloud. I think you can do it yourself. However, if you find any difficulty let me know in the comment section below.

Once you add your Google Drive account in Multcloud, Open Google Drive and click on the Upload Button present there.

NOTE: The second mark is for Multcloud Task Manager

After clicking on Upload button a new window will open from where you can upload your direct download link. In this new window, Click on Upload URL. Again a new window will pop up where you have to paste your direct download link.

Once done your file starts uploading on Google Drive. You can check for the upload statistics by visiting multcloud task manager>URL Tasks.

The Task manager is present at the top right part of your Multcloud account.

After your file successfully uploaded on Google Drive, you can download the file from there on with high speed.

In the method, I mentioned above, you can download a torrent file of size at most 6.5GB. That’s because seedr provides a maximum storage space of 6.5GB. Some of you might be thinking about this storage space. Well, when you sign up for a free account on seedr they will provide you storage space of 2GB and you can extend it upto 6.5GB by earning Free Space.

Now, What if you want to download a really large torrent file say of size 70GB, 80GB or even more. Well in that case, you have two options, either downloading the file via your regular torrent client like Bittorrent, uTorrent or you can follow my method.

In my method, you have to spend some money. I’m using two services available on Internet when I have to download a really large torrent file. These services are zbigz and Google Drive.

Do note that zbigz and Google Drive both have a free plan but in that you get storage limitation.

Now, Downloading a torrent file of any size zbigz charge Rs. 160 (for 5 days). However, Google drive charges Rs. 130/per month for providing a storage space of 100GB.

So, you can see that if you have to download a torrent file of size upto 100GB, you have to spend Rs. 290. At this price, you can download a torrent file of size upto 100GB. If you want to download a torrent file whose size is more than 100GB, you have to upgrade for other Google Drive Plan. To know more about Google Drive Paid Plans you could visit this link.

Once you register on ZbigZ and fetching a torrent file, In the drop down section right next to the torrent file you can see Google Drive option. Clicking on this option leads you to link a Google Drive account to your zbigz account. Here, add the same google drive account for which you have upgraded the storage space.

You can also add a Google Drive account to your ZbigZ account by navigating to your ZbigZ profile section. Here, you see an option of changing or adding a Google Drive account.

This is it, if you know some other method of downloading a large torrent file rocket fast, let us know in the comments down below.

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