Google News Adds a Seperate Section for Cricket World Cup
Google News Adds a Seperate Section for Cricket World Cup

Google News Adds a Seperate Section for Cricket World Cup looking at the high rate of crowd right now querying for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. You can find this new section in the left sidebar of Google News where different sections like Business, Technology, Entertainment etc. are present.

Once you click on this new section called Cricket World Cup, there you find four navigational menu called Overview, Latest, Schedule and Stats. Google News collects all the necessary information about ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 here in this section. Moreover, it looks like I have shared in the screenshot below.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this new section have several sub-sections.

These subsections are team section, upcoming matches section, past matches highlights and Points Table.

From the team section, you can know more about a team position like its net run rate, number of matches played, number of matches won etc.

The upcoming matches section helps you track the five upcoming matches. Similarly, the past matches highlights section shows you some brief info about the past matches. Do note that, if you select a team and then navigate to this section, it helps you to track the past matches highlights of the team you select.

Last but not the least, the point table section summarize informations like No. of matches played, won, lost, net run rate and total points of different teams.

Beside, Google News, you can search for live cricket score also on Google Search and there also you able to grab some basic information.

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